Public Art Registry
Abundance Fenced
Abundance Fenced
Abundance Fenced - photo by Robert Keziere
Abundance Fenced - photo by Robert Keziere
4900 Knight Street, Vancouver BC
Kensington Park
North west quadrant of park. South east of traffic lights at intersection of 33rd & Knight Street
Site-integrated work
In place
City of Vancouver
Description of work
The 42-metre-long steel fence sits on top of a retaining wall and shields the pedestrian pathway. The artwork, with its distinctive design that is a fusion of Haida formline and graphic animation, reminds those who pass by of the historic and contemporary influences of indigenous nations along the Pacific Northwest coast. The steel fence, with its grids and rivets that delineate the eyes, mouths and fins of the whales and the salmon, represents a type of vessel similar to the ships that anchor at Port Metro Vancouver—the destination of the majority of the trucks driving along the street below the artwork. The sculpture depicts two sets of stylized whales facing opposite directions with their tale flukes meeting in the centre. The whales pursue salmon cascading down the slope towards the North Shore mountains.
Artist statement
Taking delight in the refractive qualities of the materials and a location that sweeps down and up to the Two Sisters we created a bracelet large enough for a City to wear.
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