Public Art Registry
Photo: Ed White
Fusion - photo by Ed White
70th Avenue & Cornish Street
Granville at 70th
This work stands at the traffic diverter at 70th Avenue & Cornish Street, on the south side
In place
City of Vancouver
City of Vancouver Private Development Program
Description of work
This sculpture sits in the heart of Marpole, one of Vancouver’s oldest residential neighbourhoods; it also sits on traditional Musqueam territory. The Musqueam people have lived on their traditional territory – the land and waters now known as the lower mainland of BC encompassing the greater Vancouver region – for several thousands of years. One of Musqueam’s most sacred sites, the Great Fraser Midden, is located just south of this site. The sculpture was conceived by the artist to acknowledge this rich cultural history, the history of the Coast Salish people, and to (re)introduce the residents of this community to their neighbour ~ the Musqueam people. The 14’ high water-jet cut aluminum sculpture, powder coated in copper and silver paint, is a contemporary Coast Salish design depicting salmon and river grass, which are representative of the Coast Salish people, and the Musqueam people in particular, and the salmon, once found in abundance in the nearby Fraser River.
Artist statement
“Fusion” is an artwork that marries mediums and cultures…as well as legends. It also, metaphorically, fuses natural imagery with modern methods. The sculpture is contemporary yet unmistakably Salish. As this development sits in traditional Musqueam territory and is close to the banks of the Fraser River, my conceptual art piece is based on the theme of “people of the Grass” as well as the “Salmon People” which is uniquely Musqueam. The human element within the salmon has universal appeal that symbolically relates to all peoples. The faces are revealed with traditional Salish elements. Overall, the forms represent a living thriving culture and our historical legacy; as well as this unique community today…giving a sense of place and a landmark that respects the past, present and future.
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