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Photo: Maureen Smith
900 Oranges by Gathie Falk - photo by Maureen Smith
900 Oranges by Gathie Falk - photo by Maureen Smith
900 Oranges by Gathie Falk
5077 Cambie Street
35 Park West
The Cambie Street end of the pedestrian mews between Buildings B and C (5033 and 5077 Cambie Street)
Private development
In place
Privately owned - Strata
City of Vancouver Private Development Program
Description of work

A pyramid of oranges on a custom plinth.

Artist statement

900 Oranges is a bronze sculptural installation by Gathie Falk, commissioned for a residential development by Washington Properties at 35th Avenue and Cambie Street. It is installed in conjunction with two additional sculptures by the artist on the site: 18 Pairs of Blue and White Running Shoes and 10 Baseball Caps. The public artworks at this site continue Falk’s devotion to keen observations of everyday objects, as well as her interest in repetition, both of which have been central to her practice for over six decades.

For 900 Oranges, individual bronze oranges were cast in multiples from six new unique ceramic originals hand-sculpted by the artist, each varying slightly in size. The resulting pyramid is a monumental pile of oranges which are largely uniform in scale but that reveal subtle differences from one orange to the next. In conceiving of this work, Falk revisited her brilliantly glazed ceramic fruit piles of the 1960s, suggestive of grocery store fruit displays. Unlike her earlier ceramic piles, 900 Oranges takes on a new tactility through its presentation in bronze; ripe fruits are soft and transitory but here are represented by a material that is permanent and that resonates through history.

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