Field Status for Weekend Play
Only closed fields, deemed as not playable are listed on this schedule.
Fields not listed are deemed user discretion.
This field status page of the Vancouver Park board has been setup to include the participating public's help to ensure and preserve quality and longlivety of the Vancouver Park Board Grass Play Fields. All grass fields are reviewed by field maintenance staff to determine repairs, playability and closures.
Update notice - Jul 26, 2018
VPB recommends that Field User Groups assess their locations before playing.

GRASS FIELDS: In the event of rain, grass fields which are water saturated, have standing  water, or large muddy areas on the playing surface, should not be played on.  Grass Fields that are frozen, have snow or heavy frost on them, should not be played until surface conditions have thawed and drained.  

SYNTHETIC TURF FIELDS: Should not be played if there is snow present on the field. The field becomes slippery and therefore hazardous. SNOW REMOVAL CAN DAMAGE THE FIELD AND SHOULD NEVER BE ATTEMPTED. There is also the possibility that Synthetic Turf Fields can be covered in frost or possibly flooded with water. It is "Users Discretion" to determine if the facility is suitable for play at that particular time.  

If you have any questions please call  3-1-1.

Thank you.
Fields closed for the weekend of 2018-11-17 to 2018-11-18
Park NameSite AreaStatusNotes
Adanac ParkNWClosedSummer field
Adanac ParkSummerClosedSummer East West Configuration 1 Field
BrocktonLowerClosedCricket Only
BrocktonUpperClosedCricket Only
Brockton OvalOvalClosed
Charleson ParkCClosed
David Lam ParkCClosed
Granville ParkCClosed
Jericho Beach ParkAWFClosed
Jonathan Rogers ParkCClosedunsafe, closed due to user damage
Riverfront ParkCClosedno longer in inventory for permits
Strathcona ParkOvalClosedSummer Field
The Vancouver Park Board Field status will be updated and ready for review every Friday by 1:00pm for the following weekend. Current field status information is also available by phone at 604-473-6206 (after Friday 1:00 PM).
It is in everyone's best interest to ensure that fields are not used when conditions are unfavorable or play damages the playing surface.
Thank you for your consideration.
Vancouver Park Board
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